Some of the Best Cookies In Rhode Island – Copycat Recipe Included


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Summary: Despite being really good cookies, they are expensive for what you get. No offer to warm them up or add toppings. Short operational hours. Well decorated and colorful atmosphere.
Cookies: 10/10 – perfect cookies, gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside
Price: 4/10 – slightly overpriced for what you get
Service: 6/10 – friendly, no offer to warm up cookies

Update: I visited their other location and was greatly disappointed!

Living as a foodie in Rhode Island and participating in various food competition events for as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten to try hundreds of restaurants, bakeries, cookie stores, and food shops. However, a new shop that recently opened in Providence has led me to create this entire blog post. Yeah, it’s that good! I honestly believe I have found the best place for the blue monster’s favorite… cookies!

Opening in early 2021 and located on the busy Wayland Square in Providence, Feed the Cheeks is a pink, retro-fitted, hipster, old-school, cookie shop (I don’t think I used enough adjectives). At least, that’s what you’d think from a quick glimpse. Instead, upon walking into this tiny shop that houses 2-3 customers at most, you’re greeted with a small bakery shelf of lined… cookies? Are they cookies? They’re massive. Nearly mini-cake size, plump doughy-looking things that resemble and smell like cookies. Wait, these are familiar, at least if you’ve been to New York! Some investigation of these and you will find they resemble the famous Levain Bakery cookies from the big city, and ones I recreated that look and taste just as good!

Display full of different cookies including funfetti and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Just because the cookie-thing looks large, decent looking, and smells good doesn’t mean it actually tastes good. And what about the texture? That’s everything for a cookie. Well…

Holding a cross section of the peanut butter chocolate cookie.

Taking a look, we notice that the inside is quite soft and gooey looking. From the previous picture, the outside looks crunchy. A perfect cookie? Biting in, the small crunchy outside layer comfortably contains this chewy goodness. It’s not underdone, no, it was cooked to a perfect point just above that. And despite them sitting out on the shelf, they’re still slightly warm. Perfect. That’s all there is to it.

What will this perfection cost you though? Well, let’s hope you saved up a lot because not only will you want to purchase several, but a single cookie at the time of this writing is going for $4 a piece! Yes, they’re large, and while they have perfected the cookie, I do wonder if it’s worth that much. Despite going back several times and spending much of my paycheck each time, I think it’s worth it for special occasions or if you just want to give this a try. Personally, I’d like to see these cookies cheaper or perhaps offer to further warm them up or add basic free toppings. $4 for the perfect cookie may be fine for a one-time thing, but for long-term customers, I’d like to see some changes.

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