Feed the Cheeks, the “Best Cookies in Rhode Island” Revisited



The new Angell Street location has mediocre cookies at best. Ultimately, they are not worth the price. If you’re able, taking the trip to a nearby Crumbl Cookie or a local bakery is more worth it.

You can find my copycat recipe here.


I claimed in my previous visit to Feed the Cheek’s Wayland Ave location were some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, giving them a perfect score. They opened a new store on Angell Street near Brown University in December 2022 and recently, I decided to visit and sample.

From the outside, this location is larger, sporting a modern, sleek look on both the exterior and some of the interior. The inside is clean and smells nice. It features a commodity the other location suffered from, seating. Indeed, several chairs line the floors underneath a countertop ledge in front of large windows. The order counter is a little larger and sports many of their cookies on display with menus nearby. It’s all shaping up to be an even better experience than my previous one! Can we go higher than a perfect score? Well…

All bark and no bite is how I would sum this up. I ordered several of the mini-cookies to ensure that I tried many of their different flavors. A bit pricey, although I appreciated the ability to pick different flavors instead of investing in the single, expensive, $5 version. Already on display (this should have been a warning flag), my order was in my hands in seconds. I sat down, took a bite, and thought, “These taste… boring.” Indeed, not only was the taste quelled from my first experience, but they were stiff. Bland. Cold. Apparently, they may have been on display for a bit too long. Interestingly, there was no one else in the store during my time here, and whenever I pass through, it’s often empty. How long are these cookies sitting out?

It also doesn’t help that there’s no offer to warm them up, drizzle them with any toppings, and no complimentary water to assist in enjoying the various flavors they sell. These aren’t cheap cookies either, even buying in bulk yields little savings. Further, when I pointed all of this out in my Google Review, I was met with a sarcastic response from the owner (to be fair, perhaps I could have said things nicer).

Screenshot of my Google Review offering my criticisms and suggestions. Owner responds with "Yes master!"

This shop isn’t worth the time, and effort, and given that someone who isn’t open to even warming up the single cookie you paid $5 for, well, you be the judge. There’s plenty of bakeries in the nearby area that not only sell better, cheaper cookies, they also offer a myriad of other items.

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