A First Timers Review – Crumbl Cookies Makes Normal Foods Into Cookies


This is a piece of French toast… this is a bagel… no, wait, is it? No… it’s… it’s a cookie?! I’m confused.

Crumbl Cookies makes cookies out of everyday foods, completely nailing the textures and flavors—it truly makes your brain confused. I visited a few days ago after seeing their TikTok videos and my partner telling me she wanted to try it. However, after reading the reviews and seeing the prices, I wasn’t expecting much. Indeed, at the time I went, the store had 3.5/5 on Google and the prices were almost $5 for a single cookie! Nearly walking out, my partner urged me to give it a try, so, we reluctantly got in line.

Despite the line, service was fast. We could see all the cookies being made fresh in the kitchen. After ordering the 4 for $15 deal and waiting just a few minutes, we were called. The service person had put these large cookies in a cute pink box and first asked us if they looked okay before closing it shut. It was a nice touch of service I didn’t expect.

Going for the French toast one first, it was weirdly good. It was quite like a piece of regular French toast, having a soft semi-chewy center. It even had actual syrup and powdered sugar on it! The icing looked exactly like butter and tasted more like a lightly sweet one at that.

The second was the Pink Sugar Cookie. Every sugar cookie I’ve had up until now was dry and bland. This was warm, had a thick, lightly chewy moist middle, and the thick sweet icing on top was perfect. Similiarly, the Fruity Pebbles cookie had a similar texture except the cookie itself tasted like a bowl of cereal. The icing wasn’t as thick though but it had a nice milky taste which complimented the Fruity Pebbles.

Lastly, the Everything Bagel Cookie. The reaction posted by employees on the Crumbl Cookies TikTok was our exact reaction. For the first few seconds, it was confusing. Zero sweetness, the flavor was that of a plain bagel with the “everything” topping. It had a soft middle and semi-stiff outside—it was essentially a bagel copycat. Even the icing wasn’t at all sweet and tasted identical to that of cream cheese. After a few bites, it was enjoyable, especially after eating all the other previous sweet cookies.

Overall, these were the most unique, overall best cookies I’ve ever had thus far! Each one was a completely difference experience that blew us away, I’m so glad I was pushed to try it! The experience you’ll get is no short of interesting and is definitely worth a try if you have a Crumbl Cookies location near you!

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