5 of the Best Bakeries in Rhode Island You NEED to Try


Rhode Island is home to one of the most well-known culinary schools in the world, Johnson and Wales University. With this, a fierce culinary and baking culture has been bred amongst its residents and businesses.

If you ask around about the top dessert spots, most will quickly point you to places such as Pastiche, Ellies, La Salle, or Seven Stars. While those have been consistently reputable, I want to humor you with perhaps even better places. Having a massive sweet tooth, these are some of my favorite spots I’ve found in the state!

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Who would have thought that chucking the dairy could produce some of the best-tasting pastries in the state? Wildflour appeases almost anyone, including those with certain dietary restrictions such as gluten and other food allergies. You could bring your dairy, meat-loving friend here along with your vegan ones, and everyone will enjoy themselves. You may even get your dairy-loving friend to admit that vegan pastries are just… better!

From my personal experience, any time someone brought a cake or cupcakes from Wildflour to a get-together, within minutes, the entire platters would be gone. This would often be met with discussion, “Where did you get that amazing pastry from?! I wonder how they made it!” Then be shunned when hearing it’s all vegan!

Indeed, having been in these circumstances and traveled to the shop myself with friends a few times, each time, we were blown away. The cakes and some of the most moist, rich, and thick I’ve ever tasted. The cookies are fabulous, and everything else is a home run.

Laura’s Bar and Grille

I’m genuinely confused. On one hand, Laura’s offers typical American fare, albeit slightly more unique. What you wouldn’t expect is that it has possibly the best desserts in the state.

While not technically a bakery, Laura’s specializes in desserts. Having eaten there a few times and not being a fan of standard American food, I often find myself bored until dessert comes. And when it comes, I’m not sure if it was because the food was underwhelming that it highlights the dessert, but the best way I can describe it is that it’s as if you’re in a different restaurant altogether. There’s no way this dessert came out of the same kitchen! What’s going on here?! What kind of trickery is this?

Looking through their social media, you’ll find food-porn-worthy pictures that you’d swear only the best pastry chefs paired with top culinary artists could think of. These aren’t typical desserts, they have wild combinations and dishes you can’t find anywhere else! But they don’t just look good in their promotional pictures either! Every time I’ve gone, I not only feel horrible eating it because of how immaculate each dessert is and how it’s elegantly plated, but whenever I take a bite, I want it to last forever.

Also as a side note, like their desserts, they have amazing dessert-based drinks!


Gregg's employee poses with Death by Chocolate Cake and Barack Obama at the shop counter.
Photo Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

A restaurant so popular for its baked goods, it was visited by former president Barack Obama. He ordered the most popular, one of the most well-known desserts in the state that put Greggs on the map, the Death by Chocolate Cake!

Just like Laura’s, they serve typical American fare, although they aren’t as adventurous. However, their cakes alone have become a foundation for anyone living in the state. Want to appease your picky friend or someone wanting to be wowed? A single cake from Gregg’s can do both!

While their Death by Chocolate Cake has become famous in Rhode Island, their others aren’t to be disregarded. In fact, their cakes have become such a staple, you’ll likely see them at most functions or get-togethers. They reached popularity with how moist and rich they are. And The Death by Chocolate Cake? The name speaks for itself! Personally, while I enjoy that one, my family and I also love their Toffee Heath Bar Cake. So much so, I created a copycat recipe here on the site!

My personal recommendation is to buy their full cakes if possible, they are cheap for what you get! The individual slices can be pricey.


Having opened in 2020, this little shop soon became word of mouth for the surrounding community. As of now, Madrid’s name has made its way further, reaching the tongues (and taste buds) of those outside Providence. It’s no surprise they became popular, offering some of the most pretty and tasty desserts around that really give you a European experience.

Indeed, a fancy European experience it is. Their pastries are not something you’d find in a typical American bakery. Each one clearly has been crafted with care, making it very eye-appealing and quite tasty! None of their desserts are “American sweet.” Instead, what they offer are pastries with a deep flavor that you could enjoy with a cup of tea, perhaps relaxing out in the sun.


Matos is a small shop located on a bustling street in Pawtucket. You’d surely miss it if you were driving by. Despite this, it’s often crowded, and for good reason.

Located in a heavily Portuguese and Latino area, Matos offers a variety of complimenting breads, pastries, cakes, and pretty much anything that can be baked in an oven. Everything they serve is top tier, much of which is unique and things you wouldn’t find at other bakeries. But what’s shocking is the price. You can walk out with handfuls of some of the tastiest food Rhode Island has to offer for only a few bucks! Truly, despite the economy, it only seems like the dough rises in this place!

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