Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Ranking Including Limited & Special Editions


This is a personal ranking of Dunkin’ Donut’s donuts including some of their special and holiday editions alongside their release histories.

1. Maple & Chocolate Frosted Coffee Rolls

Are these technically donuts? Maybe not, but it’s my list and these come out far on top! The super duper sweet coffee, glaze, and frosting come together in an absolute glucose doping sensation. I don’t even know if I taste that much coffee in these honestly, my brain is simply too crushed by sugar. The sweetness aside though, these are so, so tasty and for whatever reason, the regular non-frosted coffee roll isn’t nearly as good–the frosting really elevates these!

*You can find my previous review of the maple version here.

2. Double Chocolate

I put these well higher than their non-frosted counterpart simply because the frosting is so tasty and adds so much depth to the donut. The donut itself is decent: chocolatey, soft, slightly crumbly, and the right amount of moistness, but that frosting… yum! It adds a soft texture to the top, cranks the sweetness to a whole new level, and adds a bunch of flavor nuance not found in its unfrosted friend. The frosting makes this donut the ultimate “death by chocolate” donut you can find!

3. Coconut Raspberry Jelly Stick

I love coconut and I love jelly, and the combination between the two of these is so unique and tasty. What is especially good about this Dunkin’s donut stick is the texture. You have the insane amount of soft coconut flakes slathered across it, glaze between it, and when you bite inside, you’re met with a sweet goo of raspberry jelly. Heaven! The wonderful combination of textures, the sweetness, and the mix of flavors

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4. Boston Creme, Chocolate Frosted

The ever popular famous Boston Creme donut has a soft spot dating back to my childhood. It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness, a good texture in relation with the donut and thick filling, and the flavor is great. Globs of creme ooze out when you bite into it, then you’re immediately hit with that creamy traditional Boston creme taste, it’s a great experience!

5. Cupid’s Heart

Only coming around Valentine’s Day, this is the sister of the traditionally chocolate frosted Boston Creme version. There isn’t much difference aside from the shape and of course, instead of chocolate frosting, you get the sweet strawberry.

These have been released for several years around the Valentine’s holiday. For 2024, they were available from February 1 – 21.

*You can find my previous review of this here.

6. Brownie Batter

I only ever see these during the Valentine’s season and every time, I make sure to stock up. They remind me of the Boston and Vanilla Creme donuts but these instead have a sweet, soft chocolate ganache in the middle. While it doesn’t perfectly resemble brownie batter, it’s close enough. Honestly, these should definitely be a permanent edition to the lineup.

These have been released for several years around the Valentine’s holiday. For 2024, they were available from February 1 – 21.

*You can find my previous review of this here.

7. Spider Donut

If it wasn’t for the orange glaze and the cute munchkin in the middle, these would be much lower. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and when I see these, I know it’s time to get spooky and stock up. The composition is interesting as it has a soft sugary glaze on a regular donut, and when you bite in, you get some of that thick chocolate munchkin mixed in too. It’s all kind of funny really, you essentially get a free munchkin and a donut at the price of a regular donut, it’s kind of a steal!

Released fall 2017 for the Halloween season. These have come back every year since. Due to popularity, various Spider Donut items have been released such as inflatables, keychains, and more.

*You can find my previous review of this here.

8. Red Velvet

This is different. It’s fluffier and softer in its makeup compared to other donuts almost as if they made them differently. Taste wise, there’s some red velvet but it’s not all that strong. However, it’s up by the sweet sugary tasting frosting that even adds more texture from the crunchy sugar crystals. In the end, it’s a solid donut that I hope to continue to see.

Released December 27, 2023 for a limited time, although a very similar red velvet donut was first released November 2012.

*You can see my original review of this here.

9. Vanilla Creme

Boston Cremes little(?) brother, this instead sports a sweet creamy vanilla in the center. It’s great to have around if you’re not feeling Boston Creme or perhaps you want to avoid the tarty Lemon Filled. My only criticism is… why no frosting?!

10. S’mores

Your typical plain Dunkin’ donut covered with standard chocolate frosting but this time, it has a layer of graham cracker. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it added much to the texture because of how soft they became from soaking in the frosting. I also expected more from the supposed “marshmallow filling.” This creamy white filling was mostly sugary tasting with only the slightest hint of marshmallow. Nothing more. Overall, I expected more s’mores from this s’mores donut.

Released June 26, 2024 for a limited time along with other s’mores related items. This donut was released in previous years as well.

11. Chocolate, Strawberry, Maple, & Vanilla Frosted

The quad frosted family is traditional, unoffending, and something you’ll likely bring to the party knowing they’ll all definitely get eaten quickly. The frostings are bold and sweet, and paired with the soft doughy donut, it’s hard to go wrong. Personally, my favorite is the maple!

12. Lemon

If I’m feeling spicy (or tarty?), I go for the lemon filled. I rarely get it but when I do, it hits like the other donuts can’t. The powdery sugar stamped around it makes it even better and gives it a “cool” feeling on the tongue, and that paired with the tartness of the inner lemon filling is a great combination.

13. Butternut

Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I taste when I bite into this. Is it butternut or just butter? In either case, it’s good. It comes across as a lot less sweet than most of others Dunkin’s donuts and what I especially prize is the graininess and soft-crunchy bits on the outside. Also, this donut feels a lot thicker and heavier than its cousins!

14. Coconut

I consider this donut a direct relative to Butternut. It’s more or less the same donut: thick and large, and coated with tasty bits. These bits are soft, moist, and give the donut a texture that many of the other donut options fail to deliver. And if you’re a coconut fan like me, you’ll love this, albeit, I’d unfortunately choose the jelly filled coconut stick instead over this one.

15. Jelly

For most people, this is the first time stepping in the deep end. No more plain glazed or frosted, this time, you’re trying a sweet and tarty jelly stuffed donut. It’s smart they didn’t add frosting to this one because in my opinion, it just wouldn’t work as well as the cooling sensation tasting powdered white sugar that pairs so well with that inner jelly.

16. Glazed

What’s more traditional, the Old Fashioned or the Glaze donut? I don’t know but what I do know is that these are just… good. They seem softer than the old fashioned and even many of the others for whatever reason. The outside glaze brings the sweetness up just a tad, just enough to start hitting on “this is pretty sweet” without exactly reaching it.

17. Glazed Blueberry

This donut feels adult; “only adults eat the Glazed Blueberry.” It’s flavor is more robust and less sweet than the others and it gets much of its texture from the thick, soft Old Fashioned counterpart. To be perfectly honest, the vibes this gives is a simple Old Fashioned donut that’s a little more moist with tasty blueberries embedded throughout.

18. Churro

Like some other reviewers, I asked myself “was this a day old?” It’s exactly like their old fashioned donut if you were to leave it out for a day and coat it in cinnamon and sugar. It is like a churro? I guess, assuming a churro is only about the cinnamon and sugar. If you’re a churro connoisseur, you’re going to be disappointed by the dry, non-crunchy texture.

Released February 21, 2024 for a limited time along with other new products such as a Churro Latte.

19. Whoopie Pie

They chopped one of their Glazed Chocolate donuts in half and added some thick, semi-sweet whipped cream, that’s it. It was a nice addition and definitely adds a cloud of fluffiness but ultimately, it’s not really a whoopie pie nor is it all that wild or impactful.

Released early November 2023 exclusively for certain areas, especially around the New England area where the Whoopie Pie originated. Not sure if limited edition.

*You can find my previous review of this donut here.

20. Caramel Chocoholic

Aside from the little chocolate shavings on top, the frosting doesn’t add much to this. It (the frosting) is mostly unflavorful as it’s overpowered by the chocolate donut itself. In the end, it’s a decent donut but there isn’t much difference between this one and the regular non-frosted chocolate donut aside from a small addition to the texture.

Released June 2023 alongside their Salted Caramel Cold Brew and other items.

*You can find my previous review of this donut here.

21. Glazed Chocolate

I put its friend, the Double Chocolate near the top and this one near the bottom for good reason. This is a good donut, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that it benefits so much from frosting. Simply put, the Glazed Chocolate donut feels like a dieted down version and lacks the nuance of its friend. Sure, if you want simple and you crave chocolate, get this. The texture is soft, moist, a little crumbly–basically, just right.

22. Old Fashioned

Traditional. Boring. Plain. These are some of the words that often describe the Old Fashioned. But the traditional grandfather is famous for a reason, it’s good. That’s it. There’s no frills here. Thick, moist, soft, semi-sweet, unoffending, though, the last one to likely get eaten at a party full of kids or sugar ravenous adults.

23. Powdered

I find this boring. Every time I bite into it I think “I wish this had filling.” It just comes across as a bit messy and dry, and in terms of taste, it’s unimpressing and feels like it’s missing a key part. I’m not sure why anyone would choose this over any of the others.

24. French Cruller

I guess this is decent, I mean, it’s different than the others so I suppose if you want something completely opposite of Dunkin’s traditional donuts, this would be it. The slightly sweet taste and the slightly soft texture is good, it’s just that I don’t find the donut overall that great in my opinion.

25. Watermelon Burst

Everything about this is weird. On the outside, you have a regular glazed donut covered with mostly unflavored small sugar crystals that fall off easily and make a mess. Then on the inside, it’s a lightly sweet, watermelon-like tasting glob of jelly. This jelly really bothers me because my brain is trained to taste a sweet punchy raspberry but it’s met with this. Frankly, watermelon flavored jelly is just weird. Overall, none of this is terrible, it’s just different: a one-and-done type of donut.

Released for a limited summer run May 1, 2024.

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