Fun New Rhode Island Waffle Shop Beats the Famous Burgundian



A new Rhode Island waffle shop has entered the competition. Having a few locations in other states, Zinneken’s opened its Providence, Rhode Island waffle shop location in December 2022 right off of Thayer. What Zinneken’s brings is what other shops haven’t perfected: Liege waffles. Focusing on Liege-type waffles, they also come with seemingly any kind of topping you can think of from Nutella, to cookie butters, fruits, and more. Aside from waffles though, they have a few other items such as smoothies, coffees, teas, and other drinks to quench your thirst. If you’re more curious about the owners and shop, you can view their ‘About’ page here.

The outside of the waffle shop is modern and sleek, inside isn’t terribly different. It’s quite clean and orderly despite how chaotic waffles and toppings can get, and the seating is generous. Music booms and echoes off the walls but you can still adequately hear the person across from you. Prices are pretty good for what’s offered and the service is friendly. Overall, it’s a modern, welcoming waffle shop.

Waffle Review

This is probably the perfect waffle. It was the right amount of toastyness, having a small crunch but still soft to an extent. They’re not large but they’re not extremely small either. The toppings are layered and decorated nicely. Additionally being served on a plain silver dish, the waffle sticks out, resulting in a social media picture-worthy presentation. It’s not just all show though, the topping amount was ideal as it didn’t come across as overbearing or make the waffle soggy. Ultimately, the results spoke for themselves: a seemingly perfect topped waffle.

How does it compare to other waffle makers in the state? At the time of this writing, these waffles are the best I’ve come across so far. One of the most famous Liege waffle shops nearby is Burgundian, the place that made its internet rounds for having an ongoing lawsuit against a rival about who truly made the winning spot on Oprah’s Favorites Things list. Unfortunately, they didn’t make my list as they are smaller, more expensive, and in my opinion, simply not as tasty. Another smaller popular competing shop, La Creperie, also offers waffles, but the questionable quality, price, toppings, and service are no match. Not to mention, they’re Belgian style. Ultimately, if you want a solid waffle where you know you’ll get something of quality, Zinneken’s should be on your radar.

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Zinneken's Belgian Smores Waffle on a metal plate on a wooden table.

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