Fun and Unique Restaurant Date Spots in Rhode Island 


The small state Capitol anchors not only famous culinary colleges and cuisines, it also offers a few fun spots to check out if you’re looking for fun, unique, and a bit of wacky date ideas if you’re hungry!

There’s plenty of places, such as Yas Chicken, awesome bakeries, and so much more. But this list is the most unique and fun spots I’ve found in the state!


Update: Physical shop closed May 2022. BunFun is now a food truck and does popup events. Click to see the news.

A plated large double decker burger slathered with sauce.

Winning awards for some of the best burgers in the state, BunFun is a small, newer burger joint that has taken the entire state by storm. Indeed, not only offering the best, but possibly the biggest! A single burger requires a minimum of two grown men to finish, and their sides are similarly family-American sized. What is even equally wacky is the atmosphere. This small diner has provocative burger and fast-food related decor littered across the walls, making it not a likely place to bring your (sheltered) kids to!

You can read more about my visit here.  

Friskie Fries

French fries in a Chinese takeout container topped with chocolate syrup, cracker crumbs, and mini marshmallows.

Feeling friskie? With a friskie motto and merch to match, Friskie Fries is both a traveling food truck and sports a few locations around the state. As the name may suggest, they specialize in fries, with a friskie caveat — they absolutely stuff them in massive Chinese takeout containers!  And they aren’t just throwing cheap canned cheese on it either. Want to experience a campfire with their s’mores fries? Or maybe one of their Valentine’s specials like twinkies and strawberries? Perhaps something less sweet, one of their many meat and vegetable varieties? They have it all! 

Pizza J

If you like beer, pizza, and showing your date how to properly handle balls (in a game of pinball), Pizza J has you covered. Offering a fun and chill atmosphere, they have a wide selection of pizzas, beers, and pinballs games. And as some may worry, don’t, they keep the place clean and with such a large food and pinball area, you never feel cramped. Coupled with the laid back staff and competitively fun atmosphere, this place is somewhere to checkout.  

Lost Valley Pizza & Brewery

Pull up a chair or relax on their couches with an alcoholic slush in hand and a pizza on the table. Lost valley is the definition of millenial. Being housed in a warehouse building, they have a lot of room to not only bring a date, but also a group of friends as well. Their wall decor and music is seemingly random, it almost feels like you’re at a cool geek’s house, but when you don’t think about it too much, it absolutely compliments the overall vibe. So grab a beer, chill out in their outdoor area or on a couch, and enjoy yourselves!

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