Reviewing Providence’s Cute New Bubble Tea & Mochi Donut Spot, Kimochi



The Massachusetts tea shop opened another set of doors on July 30th, this time in the heart of downtown Providence. Opening its doors, they’ve brought even more competition to an already tightly packed race. They’re relatively small and cute, and the inside of the shop brings together both a modern cleanliness feel alongside a hip-chill atmosphere. Indeed, there’s light, calming music played from a TV which features a relaxing cartoon-like playlist. Most notably, however, is the small decorated seating area in the back where a large boba tea squishy sits as if almost begging you to take a picture with her (she goes by Stacetea on social media). Aside from the physical aspects, I found the staff was friendly and the prices standard amongst boba tea.

With that, on the first official day of opening, I visited, twice!

Boba Tea Review

Ordering a coconut boba slush along with a blueberry pie Mochi donut which was supplied by their sister company, Pinku Donuts, I had everything I needed! Before I go on, do note that the staff here may be new so consistency could be up in the air.

The boba slush was thicker than others I’ve had. It was tasty and not too sweet. Interestingly, it had a slight occasional crunch (sugar crystals?), and whether intentional or not, I found this to be a nice touch to the chewy boba and slush texture.

I went again later that day and ordered a taro boba slush. Its texture was more on the icy side, lacking the fluffiness of my previous order. The sweetness could also have been kicked up a notch. But as I stated before, this business is still new to the area and likely still getting their feed (and boba) grounded, so I didn’t expect perfection.

Mochi Donut Review

My first mochi donut! Tasty, thick, and such an interesting experience! Frankly, it’s hard to explain! It’s like a thick donut with a very slight chew to it. If you didn’t know it had mochi ingredients, you may mistake this as a thick premium donut. These donuts alone are worth a visit.


It seems that they may still be figuring out what works, and what doesn’t, and achieving a good consistency in their drinks. If they’re able to maintain the level I experienced on my first visit, this place will be easily recommendable. However, the mochi donuts are absolutely worth a try and as I understand, they’re one of the few shops in the city that carries them! In all, I’ll be back, especially for their donuts!

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