Universal Yums Super Yum Box – UK May / June 2020


This month’s Super Yum Box finally arrived in my mailbox and contained a bunch of goodies from the United Kingdom. Nicely packaged, the box seemed bulky and contained a total of 20 different snacks. The size of snacks varied but most were medium sized – while some could be finished in one sitting, some could easily be snacked on over the course of a few days. This hefty box also contained a several page book outlining the history and details of each and every snack, trivia games, and a basic history of the UK and its foods.

While I have never visited the UK and know little about it, I do feel a little more enlightened after going through the box. I felt like I learned a bit of history and was able to try some genuine snacks (I did look up some of these snacks, they are indeed authentic!). Despite all this, personally, I’ve never been a fan of toffees, biscuits, and very chewy candy, so I didn’t enjoy all the snacks. Still, I don’t regret getting this box whatsoever, I felt learning and experiencing something different was definitely worth it!

I’ve included some pictures below! Do note that I did not take a picture of every page in the booklet, there’s a few more that include trivia and history of the snacks.

Variety of UK snacks laid out on a brown table.
All the snacks in the box.
UK box introduction pamphlet.
Intro to UK pamphlet backside.
Inside box, a few snacks are shown.
First page of information pamphlet.
Another page of the information pamphlet.
Another page of the information pamphlet.

Grandma Wild’s Oaty Cookies

These cookies were biscuits in disguise! Crunchy, plain tasting, thin biscuits. Not much else can be said about these. These could pair nicely with some tea or dips however – I personally dipped a few pieces in dulce de leche, yum!

Prawn Cocktail Twirls

I’ve never had a prawn before, but I don’t believe they taste like this. Coming in tasting exactly like your typical bag of salt and vinegar chips minus the overbearing taste they tend to have, I really enjoyed these. I’ve never been a huge fan of salt and vinegar chips precisely because they are often too strong for my tastes, so these were a really nice surprise. Overall, a good crunch and good flavor. Still though, I’m not convinced prawns taste like this!

Yummy Banana Toffee

After biting off just a small piece, these took me several minutes to get through it before my jaw started to hurt! Indeed, these are definitely toffee, and it definitely has a nice banana candy-like flavor to it. I’d definitely recommend if you like toffees and chewy foods!

Johnny’s Pickled Onion Rings

Let me just say, if you’re not a fan of vinegar or strong flavors, these may taste really overbearing! Just, whoa! These have an insane sour vinegar flavor! And despite that massive flavor, you could still taste a hint of onion in the background. They had a good crunch too. It was a wonderful combination that left me wanting more, as well as something sweet to counter all that sour!

Taylors Welsh Potatoe Crisps Lamb & Mint

I don’t really like minty foods in general. Interestingly though, this flavor combination makes for a really good combo. The chip had a meaty-like flavor and mint was hardly noticeable – no need to worry about that minty tooth paste flavor that some candies have. These chips were good and had a unique enjoyable flavor, I’d definitely get a bag if I found them in my local store!

Bristows Chewy Bonbons Strawberry Milkshake

While not as chewy as the toffee in the box, these bonbons still offer your jaws a small workout. They taste just as the packaging says, a strawberry milkshake, although they have more of a sweet sugary taste as if someone added a few cups of sugar to your milkshake!

Bristows Chewy Bonbons Rhubarb & Custard

I’m not sure if they tasted very custard like, but you could taste some of the rhubarb. I found the overall flavor to be a different but very good, and personally, even better than the strawberry milkshake variation. What I like about them was the flavor wasn’t as strong.

Bristows Clotted Cream Fudge

I’ve never had clotted cream anything before, but after trying these, I understand why they use clotted cream. Imagine your regular piece of fudge but a little softer and less sweet. These pieces of fudge were amazing and not too overbearingly sweet like many fudges are.

Grandma Wild’s Toffee Flapjacks

I was expecting something that was half pancake and half brownie, but instead I got something a lot different. These have a nice oaty-grainy flavor that isn’t too strong. I also really enjoyed the toffee flavor on top which gave it a slight sweet kick. The flapjacks tasted very light and it was overall one of my favorites in the box!

Kent Crisps Ashmore Cheese & Onion

These chips were thin but had a thick flavor. In a sense, it felt like you were eating a crispy piece of cheese with a slight onion flavor. These crisps are a must for any cheese lover!

Kent Crisps Oyster & Vinegar

I can’t say I tasted much oyster flavor unfortunately. These crisps had a light vinegar taste with something else combined – perhaps their definition of oyster flavor? It sounds like I’m talking bad about these so don’t get me wrong, these were actually very good!

Ginni’s Chili & Lemon Potato Hoops

These crunchy hoops have a very unique flavor – chili and lemon. You can taste the kick that the chili gives and the lemon is noticeably present. It’s a good thing the bag was quite large as I really enjoyed these!

Grandma Wild’s Fruit & Lemon Cookies

Similar in texture and crunch to the oat variety in this box, these instead give a nice hint of fruit and lemon. Indeed, there were small little pieces of currants buried in the cookies. I liked these a lot better than the oat cookies because they had a nice flavor to them that also wasn’t overbearing in any way.

Mackie’s Honey & Mustard Potato Crisps

As a huge fan of honey mustard, I’m now a huge fan of the chips flavor. These crisps don’t have too much of a strong honey mustard flavor but it seemed to be made with more of a spicy mustard which gave it a little kick. The texture of the crisps are also a bit different, they’re crunchy and they appear less processed than other chips if that makes sense.

Walker’s Nonsuch Brazil Nut Toffee

I wasn’t liking the super chewyness of the previous toffee snacks in this box but this was actually really good as it wasn’t as chewy! It claimed you needed to break it apart but I didn’t find it hard either. The Brazilian nuts in the toffee made for a unique flavor and a slight appreciated crunch. My favorite toffee snack in this box!

Dean’s Shortbread Rounds

Everything a good cookie should be, these cookies were light, crumbly, and buttery! Outside of the light buttery flavor, there was nothing too distinct about it, just an overall good cookie!

Treacle Toffee

These were nothing more than little yummy chewy toffee. Reminded me of halloween candies!

Bristow’s Bucks Fizz Chews

These reminded me of a Creamsicle except in candy form. These also have a nice orange candy-like flavor and weren’t as chewy as the toffees.

Bristow’s Sherbet Lemons

This flavor is interesting to say the least. It has a strong lemon flavor with a fruity background. The candy is something you can suck on for a while before it dissolves.

Bristow’s Chocolate Limes

A very interesting flavor! It tasted like a candy lime with a hint of chocolate in the background. These were similar to the Sherbet Lemons – it’s a candy that you suck on.

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