The General Mills Halloween Monster Cereals are Just Scarily Bad


The famous General Mills Halloween Monster Cereals need to be put into the grave. They’ve been around since the early 1970s and ever since, the Monster Cereals lineup continues to return around the Halloween season to many people’s delight. With its extensive history, it is nostalgia for many. This year, 2022, I decide to buy them all and give them a try. Were they worth the hype? Well, not really.

There were many commonalities between the four cereals. The shapes were ghosts and they felt light in weight. The marshmallows were stiff and mostly flavorless, typical of cheap cereal marshmallows. Without milk, the cereals were crunchy and seemed to lack a lot of flavor. These all needed milk to be enjoyed at all. Overall, they felt and tasted cheap.

Count Chocula was pretty good, a solid 3.5 / 5. It was sweeter than the other Monster Cereals and its chocolate flavor, especially in milk was good. Compared to the other cereals, this may be worth buying more than once!

Frute Brute was decent, 2.5 / 5. reminded me of Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles but less sweet and worse texture. I didn’t get much of a cherry flavor, more so a typical fruit-like cereal flavor.

Boo Berry and Franken Berry were both 2 / 5. The flavor was completely missing with the lack of sweetness. If they had taken the sweetness from Count Chocula or Frute Brute, they might actually be good. Unfortunately, I quite literally tasted almost nothing.

Note: These are the 2022 version where General Mills partnered with artist Kaws, hence the art!

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