Thayer Street in Providence has an Underrated, Spicy gem: Tribos Peri Peri


Tribos Peri Peri is located in Providence, Rhode Island, right off of the famous and ever-heavily populated Thayer Street. Having a few locations placed around the New England area, they opened their first spot in Rhode Island, placing it in Providence’s Thayer Street area around mid 2021. They advertise themselves as using the Peri-Peri pepper in many parts of their cuisine. You can find out more about this pepper as well as Tribos here.

What’s the hype over this pepper? Well, like many other dishes based off of certain peppers, this one is equally tasty and has a flavor that’s a bit different than its brothers and sisters. While I haven’t been able to have it individually, for whatever reason, when it’s combined with other spices, the food really comes alive with an amazing amount of spiciness and flavor. And, at least for Tribos Peri Peri, you can adjust the spiciness level to your needs!

But Tribos does more than just let you adjust the heat, their fairly expansive menu is filled with meaty dishes and entrées, vegetables, wraps, salads, and more that you can choose from. And personally, from experience, I usually opt for their Whole Chicken Meal which consists of a few pieces of large white chicken pieces along with two sides of your choice (go for the fries!). At the current time of this writing, it’s around $34 and easily feeds two hungry individuals. Whatever you order though, make sure you get their free tasty white mayo-yogurt sauce, it compliments everything by giving it a creamy cool taste!

Having frequently eaten there around the evening times, the crowds can be hit or miss and will determine a lot of your atmosphere enjoyment. Indeed, Tribos is a medium-sized shop with a decent amount of seating, although due to its shape, the walls do a very good job at echoing even the smallest sounds so it can be noisy with just a few in attendance. Also to note, it’s technically not a restaurant so don’t expect service! Another huge but seemingly minor inconvenience is that the provided water you have to ask for is usually served in a very small cup and well, if you’re eating spicy and salty food, it can be quite annoying having to constantly get up and ask for a refill.

In summary, Tribos Peri Peri needs to improve on some things but one thing is for certain: the food is usually pretty good and priced semi-reasonably depending on what you order. Peri Peri-based cuisine is worth at least a try, especially if you’re into anything moderately spicy and wanting to try something a bit different but not drastically offbeat. And lastly, with Tribos located in an accessible area, you really have no excuse to give this underrated spot a go!

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