Skittles 2022 Pride Month Trashes the Rainbow for Equality


In the United States, LGBTQ+ rights have been contested for decades. For example, it wasn’t only until a few years ago that same-sex marriage was federally legalized. However, hate still continues and has been especially prevalent in 2021-2022 with many states banning books that contain learnings around these topics, as well as silencing educators who have lesson plans around it. Further, the recent Supreme Court draft leak that detailed the possible eventual takedown of Roe v. Wade has opened discussions to strike down same-sex marriage. During the month of Pride however, companies, whether it be purely political, profit, or genuinely caring, have created products and other things. Skittles is no different, transforming their primary product altogether.

Skittles, as a sort of play on its own product, has created Skittles (duh!), minus the rainbow. Indeed, the skittles that come in the package are grey, even going as far as greying out the package itself as well as the flavors listed on the back. Not to worry though as the skittles retain their flavor, although you don’t exactly know what you’re eating! Interestingly, many of the packages are different, having different designs and pictures, so there’s many to collect if you’re into that!

But in the end, is all of this company greed, perhaps virtue signaling? Many on the internet, especially the comments seen on the Skittles social media pages seem to think so. Skittles has been doing this for years, and this year, the company is partnering with GLAAD once again, donating $1 for each pack sold, up to $100,000. They also have to spend money creating the the product, advertising, and risking the fallout of many of their customers. With this in mind, I believe this seems to suggest they could potentially make more money by not doing any of this, and it could very well them embracing new customers and promoting diversity. I also question whether simultaneously making profit and contributing to a good cause is a bad thing to do. At the very least, for better or for worse, it’s got people talking.

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