Reviewing Wedel Dark Panna Cotta Bar, Sour Gummy Skittles, Pure Protein Caramel Churro Bars, & More


This snack review has Trader Joe’s Trio of Soft Licorice Twists and S’mores Ice Cream, E. Wedel Dark Panna Cotta Filled Bar, Pure Protein Caramel Churro, and Sour Skittles Gummies. Out of all of these, my favorite was the s’mores ice cream and panna cotta bar as I love sweets. However, what wasn’t too sweet were the Sour Skittles. Well, they weren’t sour either, or much of anything really!

Trader Joe’s Trio of Soft Licorice Twists

Score: 6 / 10

Front package of Trader Joe's Trio of Soft Licorice Twists.

The three of the twists have different hardness but each one is still fairly soft, thick, and easy to bite through. The mango is the softest while the raspberry is the hardest, and the green apple is in the middle. The flavors are very light and semi-sweet. Each flavor, while slightly different, isn’t really discernable. If you gave me a mango one for example, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what flavor it is. Compared to Twizzlers and other licorice, these taste much more premium, are softer, less chewy, and present a more pleasant experience both in terms of eating and taste.

I’m not sure when this was released although reviews date back to around mid 2023.

Trader Joe’s S’mores Ice Cream

Score: 7.5 / 10

Front pint of Trader Joe's S'mores Ice Cream.

Fairly sweet, chocolate based ice cream with a bit of traditional s’mores flavor alongside it. It also has small chocolate and marshmallow chunks that add to the flavor and texture. Texture overall is standard ice cream. I do wish parts of the s’more such as the graham cracker and marshmallow came through more.

Released June 2023, exclusive to Trader Joe’s.

E. Wedel Dark Panna Cotta Filled Flavored Bar

Score: 7.5 / 10

Front of E. Wedel Dark Panna Cotta Filled Flavored bar.

Despite being a semi-dark chocolate, the bar overall is pretty sweet. It has a good amount of inside filling and it is soft, gooey, and very sweet. I’m not sure if the filling tastes like panna cotta although I do know it has a very sweet creamy-like raspberry taste. Something to try if you like sweet, fruity bars.

The company has been around since 1851. I’m not sure when this one was released although reviews date back to the 2010s. Found at Ocean State Job Lot.

Pure Protein Caramel Churro Bars

Score: 7 / 10

Front box of Pure Protein Caramel Churro bars.

Like their other protein bars, these are thick, and are a soft, slightly chewy texture. I wouldn’t say these are like just like churros but they’re semi-close with the cinnamon and almost dough-like taste. Of course, it does also have that “protein bar” taste too. Overall, fairly sweet and worth a try if you want a cinnamon tasting protein bar.

Released August 2023 alongside a Galactic Brownie version.

Sour Skittles Gummies

Score: 5.5 / 10

Front package of Sour Skittles Gummies.

Slightly less sweet than regular Skittles and nowhere near as sour as the sour ones, in fact, it’s hardly at all sour! I can pick out individual flavors more though as they are more distinct. Texture is soft and chewy, and not as gummy or something that can get stuck in your teeth like cheap gummy candies. I’d avoid these if you’re looking for sour candy.

Released around April 2022.

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