Reviewing Senzu Beans, Chocolate Lovers Twinkies, EPIC S’mores Kit & More


This snack review has Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans, Mrs. Butterworth’s S’mores Pancake Kit, Fruity Pebbles Pudding, Chocolate Lovers Twinkies, and Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators Chips. My favorite of these were the Twinkies due to how it tasted just like a chocolate cake. However, I was very disappointed in the Senzu beans… seriously, these are not good!

Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans

Score: 3 / 10

Package of Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans.

Really no flavor, these are semi-sweet at best and have a sugar-like taste. The texture is fairly hard and crunchy. Tastes like a very cheap, artificial tasting candy with no discernable flavor. At least it’s edible, I guess.

Found at Hot Topic, not sure when this was released.

Mrs. EPIC Butterworth’s S’mores Pancake Kit

Score: 7 / 10

Front package of Mrs Butterworth's EPIC s'mores pancake kit box.

The pancakes themselves are just regular pancakes but there is a ready made marshmallow frosting and thick chocolate goo. Both of these toppings are very, very sweet. The marshmallows frosting is so sweet, you can hardly taste the marshmallow flavoring! All this coupled with syrup is just… a lot, although still tasty, but you have to love sugar to truly enjoy this kit! Due to price, you may just want to buy regular pancake mix and a tube of frosting instead.

Released January 2023 alongside a Cinnabon Kit.

Back package and directions of Mrs Butterworth's EPIC s'mores pancake kit box.

Snack Pack Post Fruity Pebbles Pudding

Score: 4 / 10

Side of Snack Pack Post Fruity Pebbles Pudding pack.

Almost identical to Fruity Pebbles but something about the flavor seems off… almost more artificial and fake tasting. Of course, the texture is that of pudding and is decent cold. I’d avoid this even if you are a Fruity Pebbles fan.

Released early 2023 alongside a Cinnabon flavor and other snacks.

Top of Snack Pack Post Fruity Pebbles Pudding pack.

Chocolate Lovers Twinkies

Score: 9 / 10 (when fridged, otherwise 8 / 10)

Front of Chocolate Lovers Twinkies box.

Wow, these are amazing… when fridged and cold! Even at room tempature, these are still pretty good but the taste when chilled comes out so much more. It tastes identical to a semi-sweet chocolate cake with dark undertones. It doesn’t taste all that artificial compared to its golden vanilla counterpart either. Basically, fridge it and enjoy your chocolate piece of cake!

Released around July 2023. Not sure if limited edition. Found at Walmart.

Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators Chips

Score: 7 / 10

Front package of Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtators chips.

Tastes as advertised. They are fairly thick, like a crunchy kettle chip with a large dusting of seasoning you can feel and taste. You get a hint of crawfish and spicy Cajun seasoning, it’s a nice combination. They aren’t too spicy if you eat a chip or two but you start to feel it after a couple.

These chips have been around for several years in various stores.

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