Reviewing Campfire Smores M&M’s, Caramel Coconut Tips, McDonald’s Cookies Pie, and More


This snack review has Hostess Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundts, Crown Candy Caramel Coconut Tips, McDonald’s Cookies & Crème Pie, and Campfire Smores M&M’s. My absolute favorite were the Baby Bundts, especially the Strawberry Cheesecake one. However, the new McDonald’s Cookies & Creme Pie was really disappointing due to how flavorless it was!

Hostess Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundts

Score: 8 / 10

Front of Hostess Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundts package.

First, these are adorable and look exactly like a little Bundt cake. I like how the glaze goes all the way through the center, creating a nice contrasting texture. The texture is moist and soft, and the taste is simply fairly sweet chocolate. It’s a bit like the Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes but less dark, slightly more sweet, and has a more chocolatey flavor. These are also great chilled!

Released March 2023, alongside other new Hostess snacks. There have been other Baby Bundt variants though in previous years (here, here).

Hostess Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundt in package.

Crown Candy Caramel Coconut Tips

Score: 9 / 10

Package of Crown Candy Caramel Coconut Tips

Resembles a cross between a coconut haystack at room temperature and fudge. It’s soft, slightly chewy, and has a fairly sweet coconut and fake-like caramel taste. Despite this fake caramel taste, it isn’t bad, it’s quite tasty, it’s just not exactly caramel.

These may have been around for almost 100 years as one of Crown Candy’s first products.

McDonald’s Cookies & Crème Pie

Score: 4.5 / 10

McDonald's Cookies and Creme Pie.

This looks so sweet except… it barely is! It tastes like an “Oreo lite” as it has the chocolate and cream there but the flavors aren’t at all strong and nothing is really all that sweet. The crust is semi-crunchy, not really flaky, and the cream on the inside is close to thick melted marshmallow but without the sweetness. It’s kind of plain, in fact, most of the entire pie is! You may enjoy it if you’re sensitive to sweet foods.

First released in specific states in the US and other countries for a period of time, it was later released nationwide in the US July 14, 2023 for a limited time.

McDonald's Cookies and Creme Pie.

Hostess Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundts

Score: 9 / 10

Front box of Hostess Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundts.

Fairly sweet but not overly so. It has a nice glaze that pours into the center, and it’s got a creamy, not too artificial, strawberry cheesecake-like taste but without the graham cracker crust or crunch. Regular strawberry cheesecake is less sweet than this but this does a decent job at almost getting the flavors and does a good job at adding a lot more sweetness.

Released February 2022 to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Hostess Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundt in package.


Campfire Smores M&M’s

Score: 8 / 10

Front package of Campfire Smores M&M's.

Sweeter than regular M&Ms. Mix of sweet chocolate and white chocolate with a light marshmallow taste. Texture is same as an M&M and slightly bigger. I didn’t notice any graham cracker taste.

Some sources state a Fall 2023 release, although I found these in July and the M&M’s website has them for sale (July). It looks like others have also found it the same month as me, likely due to how stores are putting out Halloween candy so early. A similar version was released in July 2016 called Crispy M&M’s S’mores.

Inside of a Campfire S'mores MM.

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