Reviewing all the Pringles Harvest Blends Including Ranch, Cheddar, & More

This snack review has a variety of Pringles’ newest editions coming from the Harvest Blends product line including Sea Salt, Smoky BBQ, Homestyle Ranch, and Farmhouse Cheddar. They released June 2023. I’m also not sure if any of them are limited edition but my hunch is it’ll all depend on consumer demand.

For the most part, they all differed from the original Pringle taste by offering something more “natural” tasting. With this new base of taste, the normal pringles you might know may seem a lot stronger in flavor as these are toned down quite a lot! The textures also differed slightly but mostly remained mostly the same. Personally, I still prefer the original pringles due to stronger flavors but these do offer an alternative for those looking for more robust flavors.

Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato and Sea Salt

Score: 5 / 10

Can of Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato and Sea Salt.

Taste is about the same as original Pringles but with a hint of sweet potato and a tad less salty. Even the texture is just ever so slightly differently (likely due to the incorporation of sweet potato). Nothing really stands out about these.

Pringles Harvest Blends Multigrain and Farmhouse Cheddar

Score: 6.5 / 10

Front can of Pringles Harvest Blends Farmhouse Multigrain and Cheddar chips.

Unlike many other regular cheddar chips, these have a more “natural” taste and texture, you can almost kind of taste and mouthfeel the multigrains compared to a regular Pringle. The cheesy coating doesn’t get annoyingly stuck to your fingers or mouth. It’s taste is definitely a noticable cheddar cheese but it’s not super strong either, it’s just right.

Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato and Smoky BBQ

Score: 6 / 10

Front can of Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato and Smoky BBQ chips.

Compared to other BBQ flavored chips, these are much more tame. The BBQ and meaty flavor, while there, is substantially much less pronounced than other BBQ flavored chips. This flavor is further combined with the sweet potato-like flavor which makes for a decent combination. The texture is a little different due to that incorporated sweet potato.

Pringles Harvest Blends Multigrain and Homestyle Ranch chips

Score: 5.5 / 10

Front can of Pringles Harvest Blends Multi Grain Homestyle Ranch chips.

Similar texture to a Pringle and the taste is close to the original. These instead have a noticable “natural” or multigrain taste with a small amount of ranch flavor added. This ranch flavor isn’t strong whatsoever and Pringles could definitely add more without overpowering or ruining it.

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