An Oreo Ranking, Reviews, & History, Including New & Limited Editions


Who doesn’t love Oreo? Well, the real question is, what flavor? There’s so many flavors and varieties to choose from now, it’s kind of a difficult question!

Oreos routinely go in and out of stock often, some more than others. This means that while a flavor “may still be in production”, it can be incredibly difficult to find for some time. It’s also not uncommon to only find certain flavors online or at select locations.

Here is my personal ranking, and I will update this as I find new ones!

1. Most Stuf

With around four times the amount of Stuf in the middle, the Most Stuf is obviously the best! As someone who loves the Oreo middle, this is an easy spot at #1 for me.

Released January 2019 as a limited edition. Brought back a year after for a limited time. They appear to no longer make the full package of them and instead are sold in smaller packages. I haven’t seen these sold anywhere except a few convenience stores and gas stations.

2. The Most Oreo Oreo

Nothing like Oreo with extra… Oreo! This Oreo’s creme is equal to the Mega Stuf version and has little Oreo bits inside the creme, making is taste even more like an Oreo than it already is.

Released January 30, 2023 for a limited time.

3. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is one of my favorite cake flavors and I think Oreo nails the flavor perfectly. It tastes exactly like carrot cake, including the tasty cream cheese icing center.

Released January 2019.

4. Ultimate Chocolate

Chocolate. Pure chocolate. Something in between dark and sweet, almost like a “death by chocolate” cookie, it’s a very deep taste that clearly has both light and dark chocolate. Most chocoletely Oreo I’ve ever had!

Released January 2022 as limited edition alongside Toffee Crunch which was a permanent item.

5. Caramel Coconut

Chocolate, coconut, and caramel together would be a sin to not absolutely love! I can really taste every bit of it, spot on!

Released January 2020.

6. Blackout Cake

A layer of milk chocolate crème alongside a darker, decadent one. This Oreo is exactly like eating a semi-dark, sweet chocolate cake, frosting and all. You can really taste the richness and cakeyness of it.

Released April 3rd, 2023 for a limited time.

7. Toffee Crunch

One of my favorite cakes is a heath bar / toffee cake. With that in mind, this was easily one of my favorites. The toffee flavor is sweet, there’s even a hint of maple, and packed together into an Oreo, it’s even better!

Released January 2022 alongside the limited edition Ultimate Chocolate.

8. Mocha Caramel Latte

There’s a reason why mocha is such a popular flavor. The chocolate combined with the essence of coffee truly elevates it – and this Oreo flavor is definitely elevated! The coffee flavor is clearly present and tastes great!

Released April 2022, limited edition.

9. Hazelnut

It’s as if Ferrero Rocher and Oreo had a baby. These are wonderfully tasty, the hazelnut is so good with the Oreo cookie!

Initially released in 2018 as limited edition, they came back January 2021 as a permanent addition. These were also rereleased alongside Java Chip.

10. Java Chip

Similar to the Mocha Caramel except with even a stronger coffee taste, but without the caramel notes.

Released December 2021 alongside Hazelnut.

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Fairly sweet, these taste a lot like an actual peanut butter pie, and who doesn’t love a good peanut butter pie?!

Released June 2018.

12. Peanut Butter

Ditching the graham cracker shell, these taste purely like chocolate and peanut butter alone. They’re also not as sweet but still quite tastey!

13. Churro

A smidge sweeter than a regular Oreo, this sports a tasty cinnamon and sugar profile. That’s not all though, there’s a distinct dough-like flavor that compliments it nicely. I especially love the embedded sugar crystals throughout which add to the texture and give it bits of crunch. Overall, these do indeed resemble a churro in cookie form.

Released March 27, 2024 for a limited time.

14. Dark Chocolate

Not as dark as I would have expected, overall though, tasted a little less sweet and more bitter-like than a regular Oreo.

Released January 2019.

15. Brookie-O

Tastes like a slightly more chocolatey Oreo with a hint of cookie dough in the background, really good overall. I like how thick they are with all that crème!

Released January 2021 limited edition, these came back in September 2022 as limited edition once again.

16. Salted Caramel Brownie

A lot like a classic Oreo but a little more chocolatey and a hint of caramel. I didn’t get too much of the salt.

Released July 2021 as limited edition.

17. Dirt Cake

A chunkier and combined version of the chocolate and dark chocolate based Oreos. Together, it comes out to be a semi-dark tasting creme sandwiched by the typical dark chocolate Oreo cookie. Unfortunately, the gummy worm specs in the cookie itself add absolutely nothing.

Released as a limited edition Oreo March 4, 2024 alongside non-limited edition Oreo Tiramisu Thins.

18. Space Dunk

These are absolutely beautiful. The super neon swirl and the several differently decorated cookies are such a cool creation. I especially like how there’s little holes in the cookies that show the inner swirl and add even more to the decoration. In terms of taste, it’s a regular Oreo except with the addition of popping candy.

Presales began on January 23 and released nationwide on January 29, 2024. By scanning the QR code on the package, you could win a chance to travel to the edge of space on Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune.

19. Firework

A classic Oreo made even better. Every bite has a good amount of popping candy in it, making for a fun and interesting experience.

First released in 2017, these now routinely release around June & July in celebration of July 4th, American Independence Day.

20. Chocolate Marshmallow

While I didn’t get much of a marshmallow flavor, I did notice it was slightly more chocolatey than a regular Oreo. Texture seems a bit more softer, likely due to the marshmallow. They’re good, just wish it had more marshmallow!

Released January 2020.

21. Birthday Cake

Like the 110th Birthday, I didn’t find much difference between these and the classic Oreo. Perhaps an extra touch of vanilla at most.

Released 2012 as part of Oreo’s 100th birthday. Unlike the 110th variant, these are permanent additions to the Oreo line.

22. 110th Birthday

Despite these have both a layer of white and chocolate crème, they tasted near identical to the classic Oreo. It felt like the chocolate cookie overshadowed whatever the chocolate crème was supposed to be. However, these were very pretty with the embedded edible confetti in the cookies and crème!

Released January 2022, limited edition.

23. Pride

Exactly like a classic Oreo except with a beautiful package design and the word ‘Proud’ stamped on the cookies.

Released May 2022, limited edition.

You can find my review and the controversy around Oreo’s Pride Cookie launch here.

24. Super Mario

Aside from being identical to regular Oreos in almost every way, these have a variety of different Super Mario themed designs stamped in such as Mario, Peach, Mushrooms, Goomba, Boo, and more. You can find an archived page of this promotion here.

Released for a limited time July 10, 2023 in celebration of the Mario movie.

25. Pokémon

A take on the classic Oreo except with 16 Pokémon cookie designs to find! There were varying levels of rarity when it came to designs as indicated by Oreo. Mew was the hardest to find with sales of this design being sold for thousands while some of the original starters were the easiest!

Released September 2021, limited edition.

26. BOO!

The traditional Oreo but with bright orange crème and 5 spooky cookie designs.

Released 2019 around Halloween as limited edition. Has rereleased every year since around the same time.

27. Easter Hop

The traditional Oreo but with green crème and cute designs, so basically, an Oreo but cuter! These came with 5 different Easter designs.

Released in 2022 around Easter, limited edition.

28. Classic Oreo

While the classic Oreo sits near the bottom, it’s still one of the top cookies I’ve ever had! I’m glad Oreo has taken off and given us all these wild and wacky flavors on this list!

Released March 1912.

29. Gingerbread

If you’re someone who decorates gingerbread houses and eats them after, this is for you! It nails the gingerbread and icing flavor perfectly!

Has routinely been released around winter and Christmas for the last few years, limited edition.

30. Mint

I thought the mint would be overbearing like a York candy but it wasn’t! The chocolate was a lot stronger and the light mint really complimented it.

Released in 1985 for a limited time although these seem to have stuck around since.

31. Red Velvet

This can be described almost like a ‘lite Oreo.’ For the cookie itself, it’s like they mixed regular dark chocolate with a little bit of vanilla and red velvet. What you get is a light chocolate and lightly red velvet tasting cookie with a hint of vanilla. The creme on the inside tastes very similar to regular Oreo creme and has just a hint of cream cheese flavoring. Overall, about the same level of sweetness as a regular Oreo.

Initially released in 2015, discontinued in 2020, and rereleased for a limited time September 12, 2023,

32. Chocolate

Exactly as advertised. This Oreo’s creme is just milk chocolate, nothing else, making it a little extra chocolatey than the regular Oreos.

33. Sour Patch Kids

I expected weirdness but this was actually pretty decent! Overall, mostly sweet and only mildly sour. It definitely has a light Sour Patch Kids taste with little specs of sourness throughout. Surprisingly, none of this is awkward or off-putting, and the creamy Golden Oreo compliments it nicely.

Released May 6, 2024 for a limited time.

34. Pumpkin Spice

Coming in slightly less sweet than most Oreos, the pumpkin spice flavoring is equally not overbearing and is instead very pleasant. It reminds me of a non-bitter, moderately sweet pumpkin pie where the cookie tastes like the crust and the creme resembles pumpkin pie filling.

Released in Fall 2014 for a limited time. It was reintroduced the following years around the same time until 2017 where they were discontinued. They were reintroduced in August 2022 as limited edition.

35. Snickerdoodle

Despite the strong scent of cinnamon snickerdoodle smell, these weren’t as strong as I expected. This is not to say that the snickerdoodle taste wasn’t there–it was, but it could have been a tad sweeter and stronger.

Released October 17th, 2022, limited edition.

36. Tiramisu

Despite how thin these are, the flavor is more bold than many other Oreos that have substantially more creme. Genuinely, it tastes like a strong tiramisu creme without any weird or artificial tastes. Coupled with the chocolate cookie, it’s a pretty tasty combo. My only gripe is simple: make these with even more creme!

Released March 4, 2024 alongside a limited edition Oreo Dirt Cake flavor.

37. Apple Cider Donut

A mouthful of cinnamon, cider, and apple, hitting just right in the fall time. While I personally wouldn’t buy this flavor again, they were an interesting and tasty eat.

Released August 2021, limited edition.

38. Neapolitan

You can taste all the flavors, including the noticeable strawberry, nothing overpowers the other too much. Less sweet than the classic Oreo likely due to the flavorless cookie part.

Released July 2022, limited edition.

39. Lemon

Hugged by the golden vanilla flavored cookie, this has a nice, non-artificial tasting lemon crème that isn’t overpowering nor too sweet or punchy. I feel like I need to be in a special mood to get these.

Originally released as limited edition in 2012 as ‘Lemon Twist’ with chocolate cookies instead of golden, they came back a year later with these.

40. Golden

If you like vanilla flavored cookies, these are for you. Unfortunately, I found these to be just OK, heavily preferring their chocolate variant.

The release and history of this is disputed by several sources. More official reports state it was released in 2003 while others claim a more complicated history that started in 2011 Indonesia.

41. Hot Cocoa

They added a milk chocolate creme layer to a regular Oreo which brings down its dark flavor and adds a bit more sweetness. I can’t make out if the white creme really does taste like marshmallow or whether it’s the generic one. Either way, these sort of resemble a hot cocoa I guess; I mean, hot cocoa is mostly a cream base with chocolate, kind of like an Oreo but less dark, and these cookies are just that.

Originally released back in 2017 for a limited time, they were again released for a limited time around October 2023.

42. Black & White

Identical to the Golden Oreo except with a smidge of added chocolate. This chocolate tastes pretty average, it isn’t dark or sweet, it simply is there and gives it some added complexity. While I appreciated the added chocolate, I rather either buy a full chocolate Oreo or stick with a full vanilla Golden one.

Released January 2023 alongside Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters and Gluten Free Golden Oreos.

43. Cotton Candy

The thought of Oreo and cotton candy makes me gag but these were a pleasant surprise! It’s quite sweet, mostly a sugar, cotton candy-like taste. Overall, I don’t think I’d buy these again but they were decent enough!

Released initially in 2015, these have come back June 5th as a limited edition, summer carnival based Oreo.

44. S’mOreo

Even less sweet than their Golden counterparts, these instead have more of a graham cracker taste with a smidge of chocolate and regular creme. Compared to a s’more, these are missing the sweetness, chocolate, and marshmallow, almost everything! Overall, these could have been so much better, they were a bit plain!

First released for a limited time on May 22nd, 2015 as S’mores Oreos, these came back as S’mOreo for a limited time on May 8th, 2023.

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