New England Fluffernutter


Yield: 1 Fluffernutter


  • Marshmallow fluff or equivalent
  • Peanut butter (your choice, smooth is a common pick)
  • 2 slices Soft white or wheat bread


  • Multiple Bread knives

Let’s Make It!

  1. Evenly distribute marshmallow gently onto one side of the bread and the peanut butter onto the other slice.
  2. Combine into a sandwich!
Sandwich slices. One with marshmallow, the other with peanut butter and jelly.
I used soft wheat and added strawberry jelly on mine!

Notes & Alternatives

  • Those who live in New England will tell ya’ (pardon the accent), you can add almost anything to em’. Common add-ons are fruits such as banana or jelly, Nutella, and even potato chips or bacon.
  • Any type of bread will work depending on your preference, although soft white and wheat are the most common. You can also pan fry the sandwich, but be warned, make sure the pan is very hot and do it quickly or else everything will melt!
Grilled fluffernutter cut in half on a white plate.
Pan fried! After making the sandwich, add room temperature butter to both sides of the sandwich, heat a pan on very high heat, and stick onto the pan for ~25-60 seconds, flip and repeat.

Make sure to let cool for about 2 minutes so the goo is more solid!


  • Around 1917, Emma Curtis invented the sandwich and dubbed it the ‘Liberty Sandwich’.
  • Fluffternutters are the unofficial Massachusetts State sandwich and are commonly served in New England for school lunches.
  • In 2006, Massachusetts lawmaker Jarrett Barrios introduced legislation to stop the serving of Fluffternutters after he learned his son was being served it everyday for lunch at school.
  • Somerville Massachusetts holds a yearly festival called ‘What the Fluff?’ where Fluff and Fluffternutters are celebrated. In 2011, astronaut Richard Michael acted as a contest judge in the festival – he is also known for eating Fluffernutters in space!
  • Fluffternutter Day is October 8th.

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