MrBeast Feastables’ Fake Reviews of Cookies do not hide their Mediocrity



Sometimes, plant based foods don’t work too well and in this case, they barely scrape by. And indeed, these do just literally scrape as their texture is only a smidge softer than most other crunchy cookies like chips ahoy or famous Amos. Don’t get confused though, they’re not exactly super dry and crumbly, but they do have a decent crunch.

The flavor however, is a little less bold than it’s competitors. To me, the flavors aren’t as pronounced, although, they more or less taste as advertised. It’s simply another brand of cookie. Other reviewers across various platforms have seemingly come to a consensus as well, stating there’s something off tasting about it. Interestingly, the Feastables website has perfect scores for all its products, including of these cookies. Fake or heavily moderated reviews, perhaps?

This brand of cookie advertises itself as plant based, leaving out the dairy and apparent “bad ingredients.” To be clear, leaving dairy out of baked goods doesn’t always make them taste bad or ruin the texture and in fact, I’ve found them to often to simply be better. Despite this preference, these cookies were still subpar and frankly, needed a little more time in the research oven. That’s not the only thing needing more research either, with the back label appearing to harp against GMOs and artificial flavors, both of which haven’t really been found to be detrimental. 

In summary, these cookies, considering the price, were mediocre. There isn’t a whole lot in the package at this price point and the flavors and texture just do not make up for it. Perhaps if you believe in the authenticity of Mr. Beast’s mission of philanthropy over other companies supposed claims, they may be worth getting, but other than that, it’s a pass from me.

MrBeast Feastables Chocolate Chip Cookies, back of the package.
MrBeast Feastables Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, back of the package.

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