Reviewing Rhode Island’s Camp Nowhere, Somewhere you Need to try


Camp nowhere wedges itself in North Providence, Rhode Island. This medium-sized shop sits on a not-so-busy main road and has a small parking lot by the side of it. It opened several years back with a simple goal from its founder: to make tasty food and also to make it affordable.

Indeed, as the founders wanted, Camp Nowhere has absolutely gotten a reputation for its “cheap” menu. This menu consists of items where you can order a variety of things for under $5 including many alcoholic-based drinks (note: prices have gone up slightly over time throughout its history). With cheap drinks and bites, they have especially gotten a lot of reception from the young crowd.

With this young clientele, they complement it with the atmosphere, offering a few board games to play amongst its ample indoor and outdoor seating. The seating itself feels generous, with several small to medium sized wooden tables and booths located inside and outside. I’ve found I was always able to find seating quickly even with friends, and the music playing was never too distracting or over the top. Everything, from the walls to the tables show some wear which only adds to the vibe. Lastly, despite it sitting next to a main road, it’s seemingly never too noisy to even sit outside, so wherever you decide to dine and drink, you’ll surely find an enjoyable place.

The food is amazing but be careful, it can add up! At these price points, the serving sizes are on the smaller side which makes it great if you aren’t into “American size” portions or want to try a variety of different items. Take due care though because the drinks, while small’ish, pack a very satisfying and tasty punch even for individual servings. As for the the quality of it all, while not top-tier, is still nothing to scoff at. Food is well cooked, and seasoned, and frankly, I’ve yet to have anything I didn’t like here! Similarly, the drinks are equally delicious and well-made.

As I stated before, I’ve yet to have received anything I didn’t like and with the several times I’ve gone, I have gotten to sample most of their, albeit small, menu. Everything is always fairly well presented and the flavor, texture, and overall quality is there despite it being so cheap, and frankly, I can’t choose a favorite! Their small dessert menu has fried foods like Twinkies and Oreos while their “main courses” range from sliders, chicken tenders, the occasional special, and more. You’ll likely find something you like, although vegetarian options are limited.

In summary, if you want a fun, not too-chaotic atmosphere to grab some cheap drinks and small bites with friends or a date, Camp Nowhere is one of the few places in the entire state of Rhode Island that does it damn well. You will be more than happy to have gone and will likely find yourself wanting to come back. Just be sure to watch how much you order and drink!

S'mores, fried twinkies and fried Oreos in a food casket sit on a wooden table at Camp Nowhere.
S’mores, and fried Oreos and Twinkies.

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