Crumbl Cookie Review: Raspberry Danish & Dulce De Leche



A buttery, danish-inspired cookie baked with a cream cheese topping, finished with raspberry jam and a drizzle of thick vanilla glaze.

A deliciously spiced cinnamon cookie smothered in layers of creamy dulce de leche caramel and frosting. Available at select locations while supplies last.


I didn’t get the other cookies in this week’s lineup. Both the cookies we got were a bit of a let down.


Score: 5.5 / 10
The cookie itself has a semi-sweet, graham cracker-like taste. Texture-wise, it has a soft inside with a crunchy outside. The raspberry jelly on top is bitterish and lightly sweet, reminding me of an all-natural type spread. Overall, this cookie as a whole isn’t very sweet, and to me, it feels lacking. The berry danishes you find in grocery stores are more buttery, softer, and sweeter. What this really needs is more sweetness throughout and additional jelly topping instead of the minuscule amount they give you.

Score: 7 / 10
First thing to mention: this isn’t at all dulce de leche, but more on that after. I love the wonderfully thick and chewy texture you get from chilled Crumbl cookies. That aside, it’s moderately sweet and super cinnamony, not to the point of bitterness, but to where you say “Yup, this is definitely a cinnamon cookie.” But, where’s the dulce de leche flavor? The thin layer of goo on top tastes like a watered down caramel and desperately needs more sweetness to truly mimic dulce de leche. So yeah, this is basically a thick cinnamon cookie, nothing else. While the dulce de leche flavor is missing, it’s still a good cinnamon cookie that’s pleasant to eat.

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