Cake Balls


Yield: Many cake balls


  • cake mix and its required ingredients
  • 1-2 cup frosting
  • a few bars of meltable chocolate
  • milk or oil (optional)


  • toothpicks (optional)
  • cake bake pan
  • mixing bowl
  • bowl for meltable chocolate
  • parchment paper

Let’s Make It!

  1. Bake the cake according to the directions.
  2. When done baking, let cool.
  3. Crumble and combine the cake and frosting together in mixing bowl. Mix together. If the consistency is too crumbly, add more frosting.
  4. Shape cake balls by rounding them in your hand and palm. Place onto a parchment lined dish or baking sheet.
  5. Place cake balls in fridge for 30 minutes (optional but preferred).
  6. Place the meltable chocolate in a bowl and microwave for a few seconds, stir, and repeat until it starts to melt. Add milk, vegetable oil, or water to achieve a thick but mixable consistency. Don’t add too much liquid or else the chocolate won’t harden!
  7. Take the cake balls out of the fridge and gently roll in the melted chocolate. Tap against the side of the bowl to remove excess.
  8. Place the balls onto a parchment lined dish.
  9. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until chocolate hardens.
  10. Enjoy! Place in the microwave for 20-30 seconds for a warm cake ball!
  11. Store in fridge for up to 4-5 days.

Notes & Alternatives

  • These are highly customizable for any occasion and flavor! From stacking them to make a snowman to using spooky sprinkles to make a Halloween themed one, the customization is endless!
  • Check out my similar Oreo or cookie balls recipes.

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