5 of the Best Wing Spots in Rhode Island – and one to Avoid!


Having participated in food competition events and traveling with friends, these were some of the best wing spots we found!

These establishments were graded by myself with the thoughts of those I brought along with me. We took into account wings and their prices, the service we received, and the overall experience. Other food that was ordered played only a small role in our overall scores.

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1. Caribbean Delights

Summary: Amazingly flavored wings, very good drinks, wonderful Jamaican vibe.

Order: Lemon pepper and jerk seasoned wings, passionfruit alcoholic drinks
Wings: 9 / 10 — well seasoned, good flavor, cooked well
Price: 5 / 10 — average prices
Service: 9 / 10 — friendly and talkative staff, fast

Glazed wings with celery on a white plate.
Photo credit to the chef himself, Chef Norvel.

The only place where when I entered, I immediately wanted to leave because I felt like my life could have been in danger.

After pulling up to a dark mill building and then spending over a half hour walking around trying to find this place, we found it. Located in the very back of the Lorraine Mills, we opened the door and were greeted with a large, dark, nearly empty concrete room with Jamaican music blasting in the background. Only two people could be seen across the room with what looked to be a very small bar area. I couldn’t believe this place was a restaurant. My head was flooded with thoughts of “This is the perfect place to get murdered” and “Am I in a Black Mirror Episode?”

We were told to grab some seats, except, in this vacant room, there was only one: a small plastic table in the corner with some matching chairs. With a waiter’s notebook in hand, a tall man wearing white contacts greeted us and asked us what we wanted, to which he then informed us he didn’t have much on hand because they had just moved to this location. So, we asked him to make us some custom drinks with whatever he had, as well as some lemon pepper and jerk seasoned wings.

Several minutes later, he brings over two small drinks. Hesitating, we take a sip. We aren’t dead, instead, we feel alive. Just… wow. These drinks were better than the drinks we got at the nearby popular local breweries just days earlier. Sweet, bold flavor, and not too strong. But, that’s not what this is all about, so, about those wings…

Some more time passes and he brings us two closed plastic takeout boxes. He slowly opens each one up and introduces the flavors, explaining all the details about them. This was done in a manner where it seemed as if these cheap takeout boxes were housing something expensive or fancy and he was revealing just what was inside. After he leaves us be, we take a bite of each and, let’s just say, this is one of the reasons why this place is number one. The seasoning is perfect and not strong, the meat is juicy, and the skin has a wonderful texture. It blew away every other place we have visited thus far. It was just… perfect.

While this weird place was amazing, what’s more impressive is that this odd man was able to do all this without a full working kitchen. To put some backstory into this, afterward, I talked with him and he said that they had just moved to this location and much of their equipment would be coming later on, to which he apologizes for the appearance (or lack thereof). He encouraged me that if I liked those drinks, I would be in for a treat if I tried his Jamaican rum. And boy, am I excited for that – I’ll be coming for that, as well as more wings!

2. Atrium on Main

Summary: Very good wings with the choice of a variety of alcohol-infused flavors. Their crab cakes and burger were also wonderful. Family owned, friendly and fast service, quiet and dim atmosphere.

Order: Honey mustard and mango habanero seasoned wings, crab cakes, traditional burger
Wings: 9 / 10 — well seasoned, good flavor, cooked well
Price: 6 / 10 — slightly high but quality makes up for it
Service: 10 / 10 — friendly and talkative staff, attentive, fast

Honey mustard glazed wings with a white side sauce on a white plate.
Honey mustard is my favorite!

Another new place minus the killer vibe. However, like Caribbean delights, this place is also fairly dark and there were no other customers. On the flip side, they at least had staff around as well as typical restaurant amenities. When we entered, we were greeted by the host and taken to our table.

The wing flavors on the menu are mostly typical, however, they also had a whole section dedicated to their alcohol-infused flavors. We decide to get boneless honey mustard as well as their mango habanero. In addition, we get some crab cakes and a burger.

The food arrives in a timely manner and we dig in. Interestingly, these sauce-covered boneless wings had a nifty twist shape to them. Anyway, taking a bite, we are floored. So tender, and that flavor! Our only complaint is that there weren’t more, and we agreed to come back to try their alcohol-infused flavors at a later date. Also, the crab cakes and burger were phenomenal.

Talking with the waiter, he tells me this is a recently opened family restaurant and the chef is known for making top-tier wings, they even created the alcohol infused ones themselves! He hopes to grow this business even more – hopefully I can help with that when I return for more food!

3. Kabob and Curry

Summary: Possibly the best-tasting wings but was overshadowed by the long wait and rude service.

Order: House-made wings
Wings: 10 / 10 — perfectly seasoning, cooked very well, flawless
Price: N/A — part of an offer
Service: 1 / 10 — very slow, rude staff

Dark cooked wings on a white plate.
Photo credit to the restaurant themselves!

I don’t believe there’s been an Indian restaurant I’ve visited where I thought the food was below excellent, this place is no exception.

We placed our takeout order and were told it’d be around 15 minutes. The flavor wasn’t listed on the menu and it appeared it was their own custom seasoning that they were going to use. Long story short, it took them almost 50 minutes to make 6 wings. We open the takeout container and it reveals the wings with a slice of lemon on the side.

The wait may have been worth it though. These are likely, overall, the best wings we have tried out of all the places, however, the wait and the semi-rude staff were the reason this place wasn’t higher up on the list. The flavor was impactful but not overbearing, and the meat was just right. There’s nothing else I have to say about it! Give this place a try should you have a lot of time to spare.

4. The Thirsty Beaver

Summary: Very thick and chunky wings where meat was falling off, some unique flavors. Great drinks and interesting flavors. Bar, motorcycle, and drinking atmosphere.

Order: White Alabama BBQ and sweet chili-flavored wings
Wings: 8 / 10 — good seasoning, thick, fall-off-the-bone meat
Price: 8 / 10 — good prices for what you get
Service: 6 / 10 — decently fast, wouldn’t quiet down loud drunk patrons

Wings coated with hints of a white-yellowish sauce and a side of celery on a metal tray.
White Alabama BBQ sauce was kickin’! (Not to be confused with spicy!)

I didn’t think a motorcycle bar would offer much of anything aside from cheap, mediocre American fare. However, they very much impressed with the wings.

A very rowdy and loud place inside, we decided to take our seats on the patio outside where we ordered White Alabama BBQ and Sweet Chili wings. Personally, I’ve never even heard of the White Alabama sauce so I was eager to try it. After receiving our wings, we dug in. These wings were likely the biggest, fattest ones we had ever gotten. On top of this, the wings were not only full of flavor, they were juicy and tender. Whoa, the meat itself was nearly falling off! And don’t get me started about how creamy the White Alabama was!

Despite this place being rowdy and my misconceptions, I discovered that this place’s wings were top-tier. We had no complaints about the wings and would go again if it was just a bit more quiet!

5. Hooters

Summary: Fall-off-the-bone meat, decent seasoning. Atmosphere is what you’d expect.

Order: Caribbean seasoned and plain wings
Wings: 7 / 10 — good seasoning, fall off the bone meat
Price: 7 / 10 — decent prices for what you get
Service: 6 / 10 — decently fast, wouldn’t quiet down loud drunk patrons

Thick battered wings on a paper lined serving dish.
Some Caribbean-seasoned wings, so tasty!

It goes without saying that Hooters is known for their provocatively dressed waitresses. However, did you also know that they’re known for wings? Many wing fanatics often claim that Hooters has some of the best wings around, and after trying them, I have to agree!

A hustling and bustling place, we took our seats in the brightly orange-colored booths and were cheerfully greeted by a young, summery-beach dressed waitress. We ordered the breaded Caribbean and plain wings. Shortly after some time passes, the wings arrive at our table.

Like the Thirsty Beaver, the meat of these wings was incredibly soft and nearly falling off the bone. I’d go as to far to say that without the skin, it would. However, while the flavor was solid, it was nothing to write home about. It was all about how tender the meat was, it’s just something you have to experience yourself!

AVOID: Buff-A-Love

Summary: Unseasoned and undercooked wings in plain-tasting sauces. Very rude service.

Order: Mango habanero and honey BBQ-flavored wings
Wings: 1 / 10 — undercooked, no seasoning, plain flavored sauces
Price: 1 / 10 — overpriced, especially for what you get
Service: 1 / 10 — confusing unmarked order window, berated by employee

Honey BBQ sauce coated wings in a styrofoam container.
Does anyone else see any seasoning? I don’t.

Our of all the places we visited, we all thought this was by far the worst place. So bad in fact, I personally wouldn’t accept free food from them.

Buff-A-Love is confusingly a restaurant where you have to order through their small, unmarked window. We learned the hard way by walking inside and were berated by an employee. Nonetheless, we thought that since we’re here, we may as well get their wings. We order the mango habanero and honey BBQ flavors. A short time later, we are given takeout containers housing the wings.

Opening them up, they looked like normal wings. Nothing big or fancy, just wings. Taking a bite, we notice that despite being dumped in sauce, the wings are incredibly bland. To top it off, the meat and skin is tough. Frankly, they tasted undercooked and were seemingly drowned in the cheapest sauce they could find. It’s also clear no seasoning was used judging from the flavor and by just looking at it. Definitely not a place we would be coming back to.

Places Visited

Pub On 1, Neighbor’s Kitchen and Bar, Wings On 5, Atwood Grill, Buff-A-Love, Barnaby’s Public House, Apizza History, Hooters, Thirsty Beaver, Kabob and Curry, Atrium On Main, Stack House, Ladder 133 Kitchen & Social, GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ, Laura’s Bar and Grill.

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