Reviewing Reese’s Lava Cake Mix, ZingerDingers, Reese’s Mini Eggs, Dr. Peppers Peeps, & More

A snack review and release history of:

  • Reese’s Unwrapped Mini Eggs
  • Russell Stover Coconut Creme Eggs
  • Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Blueberries & Cream Truffles
  • Sanders Peanut Butter Filled Bunny
  • Miss Jones Baking Co. Snickerdoodle Toffee Blondie Bar Kit
  • Great Value Carrot Cake Truffle Treat Kit
  • Dr. Pepper Peeps
  • Little Debbie Lemon Mother’s Day Cakes
  • Betty Crocker Reese’s Lava Cake Mix
  • Hostess Raspberry ZingerDingers Mashups

Reese’s Unwrapped Mini Eggs

Score: 8 / 10

These are dangerous. Small, chunky, and most importantly, they’re unwrapped, making them extremely easy to binge. Compared to Reese’s, these have slightly more chocolate and less peanut butter. Don’t mistake it though, it’s still just as good!

Released February 2024 for the Easter season. These are modeled after the regular Reese’s Unwrapped. Found at Stop & Shop.

Russell Stover Coconut Creme Eggs

Score: 9 / 10

So sweet, the coconut only hardly comes through–I love it! It’s still the right amount of coconut, and if you love sweets like me, you’ll really enjoy these. The inside filling is thick and soft, and the chocolate shell breaks apart when you bite into it.

These have been around for quite a while, I’m not sure of an exact release date.

Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Blueberries & Cream Truffles

Score: 8 / 10

So creamy! The blueberry taste is light, with the truffle mostly consisting of a sweet, creamy white chocolate-like flavor. Overall, these truffles are great and ridiculously smooth.

Initially released around May 2017 as limited edition. I’m not sure if these have been continually rereleased, although these could be found again starting around February 2024 for the Easter season.

Sanders Peanut Butter Filled Bunny

Score: 8.5 / 10

So thick and chunky, reminding me of Reese’s Easter bunnies. Except, unlike Reese’s, these taste much more premium and a lot less sweet. The chocolate shell is on the thinner side, and the flavor is very light, providing a smooth, semi-sweet, chocolate experience. Combined with the solid peanut filling which is semi-sweet, almost natural tasting, it all makes for a pleasant, tasty combination. This peanut butter, to me, has the right amount of saltiness and sweetness. If anything, I wish the chocolate shell was just a hair thicker because as it is, it’s on the thinner side.

Not sure when these released. Sanders has been around for decades. Found at Stop & Shop.

Miss Jones Baking Co. Snickerdoodle Toffee Blondie Bar Kit

Score: 8 / 10

For some reason, this took several minutes more to cook than directed. That aside, it’s like a thick, semi-moist, cinnamon sugar cake. Overall, it really resembles coffee cake.

Likely released sometime around November 2023 and may only be around for a limited time. Found at Walmart.

Great Value Carrot Cake Truffle Treat Kit

Score: 8 / 10

Easy to make but they don’t give you enough ingredients. To fully coat these with the candy melts and sprinkles, you’re going to need to buy more of these yourself because they don’t give you nearly enough. Aside from that, it’s carrot cake tasting and has a nice combo with the sweet coating and sprinkles. The overall texture is wicked soft and easy to bite through!

Likely released sometime around February 2024, exclusively for the Easter holiday. Found at Walmart.

Dr. Pepper Peeps

Score: 4 / 10

Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda and I also love Peeps, but this is blah. There’s a thin layer of Dr. Pepper tasting coating that tastes like a watered down version of the soda, mixed in with mostly flavorless marshmallow. It’s just not great, and a really weird combo.

Initially released early 2023, they’ve come back February 2024 for the Easter holiday season. Found at Walmart.

Little Debbie Lemon Mother’s Day Cakes

Score: 8 / 10

Fairly sweet with a light, artificial lemony flavor. Honestly, I expected more punchy lemon. In the end, it’s a sugary tasting, soft, lemony cake.

Released around April 2018 for Mother’s Day along with a Strawberry version. These have come back again in later years around the same time since. Found at Walmart.

Betty Crocker Reese’s Lava Cake Mix

Score: 7 / 10

After trying the Oreo Lava Cake Mix, my expectations of these were high. These are good, but they aren’t great. The Reese’s peanut taste is very light and the chocolate is dark. Overall, it comes across as more plain that it should be. At least the lava cake gooey texture is nice, though, I suggest cooking it a little extra because unlike the Oreo version, the peanut butter chips in these make it too gooey and undercooked.

Released late February 2024. Limited edition. Found at Aldi.

Hostess Raspberry ZingerDingers Mashups

Score: 9 / 10

Essentially a Strawberry Zinger in circular form but with even more cream. It’s incredibly soft with the amount of pillowy cream in the center–really, it almost feels like it’s 90% of it! You barely have to chew as it all nearly melts in your mouth with how light and moist it all is. The light tasting coconutty soft flakes covering this round treat also add a nice addition to the texture.

Released April 2024. Exclusive to Walmart.

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